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Thread: Very ackward situation

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    Very ackward situation


    To start with please dont hate please
    I was hoping to get some advice here
    The content may be really weird but this is an ask anything forum

    Okay so last week I was in Bangkok
    On day Number 4 I went out and ended up pretty wasted with an prostitute in my bed
    On day number 6 I went out again and ended up in the same club where also the prostitute apparentely was
    However I met a girl who I had been dancing pretty ''hard'' with during the night and we also shared phonenumbers and we kissed etc
    I am not sure if this was a normal girl or also a prostitute since you can not just know for sure in Bangkok

    I went to the toilet and when I got back the prostitute walked by and started talking about the other girl or something
    I really have no idea what happened at that time and I still dont know what precisely happened
    All I know is that I shaked my hands like no no no to the girl whom I had been dancing with a gesture with my hands that I dont like her or whatever
    Ive no idea why I did that I was probably scared at that time of the prostitute
    I really dont know

    So when I got rid prostitute I began looking for the girl but the club was already closing so she probably had left already

    The next hours I sent something like
    Are you a prositute or whatever if not we can meet

    The message was really retarded but I was pretty wasted again

    The next day I sobered up ofcourse and sended text messages like
    Im so sorry
    Im very sorry if I insulted you
    Please reply I am very sorry

    Ive been sending those messages for some days now and now Im not in Bangkok anymore

    She hasnt replied to any of them even though I really asked if she could just please reply and how I feel about it

    I tried to call her and she picked up twice but I didnt say anything because she probably doesnt speak English
    I sended textmessages in English but also in Thai

    I really feel realllly weird about all this and also really guilty
    The girl was realllyyyy easy about kissing me and she even started to masturbate me in my pants while we were in the club for a couple of seconds so she might be a prostitute as well
    But what if shes not...
    She was reallllyyyy nice and ofcourse maybe a bit too slotty

    Ive no idea how to get this out of my head
    I always have this when I fall in love in a club or whatever and not be able to find the specific person after it

    Im a douchebag for behaving like this ofcourse and its def not me in real sober life and 99% of wasted nights im not acting like this as well
    Ive no idea what hell I was doing both nights

    FWIW Im not 40 year old or something like that
    Im 21
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    Quote Originally Posted by Savir View Post
    Are you a prositute or whatever
    That is too straight forward! Only ask that on the third date!

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    Where are the morals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savir View Post
    She was reallllyyyy nice and ofcourse maybe a bit too slotty
    You mean she has multiple vaginas?

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    Dont know what I was hoping for when I opened this thread
    I should have predicted something like this happening obviously

    The nightlife there is way different than in Europe or the USA
    So this situation would normally not have happened

    I dont know what I was hoping for but I feel incredibly bad lame and guilty

    I somehow am in love with this girl now even though I only saw her for 5mins but I were probably the best 5mins of my life

    I dont know how to make this good anymore

    Im at the point of going back and just wait in the place where this happened till I see her

    Do you people think I have made the 5mins and the girl way better than it actually is or was
    Did alcohol cause this feeling which I still have
    Ive had this before but than I had no physical contact with another person like this before

    Ive to be honest no idea how she actually looks like but I will recognize her though


    Thank you very much
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baboon View Post
    You mean she has multiple vaginas?
    yes. one in the front, and one in the back.

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